High School Physical Education


Chad Jenkins

Health & Physical Education

M.Ed., B.Ed., University of Georgia
M.Ed., Endicott University

Chad started his teaching career in Georgia in the US, where he taught Middle School Physical Education. Later, he enrolled in graduate school and taught Health Promotion and Behavior at the University of Georgia. After some time working in East Africa with refugees and in South Sudan for The Carter Center, Chad resumed his teaching career teaching PE and Health at all levels in Jordan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and most recently in Thailand. He has extensive coaching experience as well, including cross-country, track and field, volleyball, and swimming.


Christopher Riske

Health & Physical Education

B.A., Sonoma State University

Chris Riske was born and raised in California. Chris studied at York College in Nebraska and played collegiate baseball. After baseball, he finished his undergraduate work at Sonoma State University in California earning a BA in Sociology. After finishing his undergrad work, he returned to receive his teaching credential from Sonoma State University and entered the profession in 2014. Chris has taught Physical Education to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders prior to coming to NCPA. He has also taught an ELL class for students who moved to California from other countries.
Chris has served as an athletic coach since finishing playing sports himself. He has coached baseball, soccer, basketball, and track and field. Most recently he has been coaching the boys and girls basketball programs at his school, as well as helping run the track and field program.


Jonathan Cregg

Health & Physical Education

M.A.T., Griffith University
B.S., Brock University

Jonathan Cregg has been teaching since 2011. He earned his Bachelor of Physical Education in 2009. He then traveled to Australia for graduate school and earned his Master of Teaching degree. Prior to joining NCPA, Jon was a Health & Physical Education teacher at his alma mater high school in Ontario, Canada. He has a passion for coaching with a primary focus on hockey and rugby. Jon has played and competed internationally as a member of the Canada Rugby League Men's Squad.

Nick Quagliozzi

Health & Physical Education, Leadership and Team Sports

B.A., The State University of New Jersey

B.S., Eastern Oregon University

Nick Quagliozzi is entering his 8th year as a Health & Physical Education teacher. His experience includes 7 years’ teaching at international schools in South Korea. Prior to joining NCPA, he spent the year teaching HPE in Palm Beach County, Florida. “Mr. Q” has coached sports at all age levels and enjoys organizing various service learning opportunities for his students through organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Volunteer for the Visayans.

Tom Mourikis

Health & Physical Education, Nutrition, Fitness & Physio

M.Ed., Chicago State University

B.S., University of Illinois

Tom Mourikis earned his Bachelor Degree in Movement Science in 2005 from the University of Illinois-Chicago. Prior to his arrival in China, he spent 4 years working at the American Community School in Athens as the school's personal trainer, after-school coach, and substitute teacher in all departments K-12. While working in Greece, Mr. Mourikis discovered his passion for physical education and enrolled in Chicago State University. Besides teaching and coaching, he has spent countless hours volunteering at various events for people with disabilities, including the Special Olympics and the Chicago Marathon wheelchair division. In his free time, Mr. Mourikis enjoys playing a variety of sports, playing with his dog Sofo, and DJ’ing at local events.