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Nansha College Preparatory Academy (NCPA) is a western high school for students of the host country established by ISS-ULink Educational Services, Ltd. (ISS-ULink)

In 2010, International Schools Services and ULink Educational Services, Ltd. formed a joint venture strategic partnership for the development of innovative education models in China. The partnership brings together the synergy resulting from the comprehensive and complementary expertise of both organizations.

ISS-ULink's Vision

ISS-ULink is of a world of learning based on respect for diversity and choice, the equitable pursuit of excellence, the programming for talent development for all learners, and the promotion of research and evidence based best practice.

ISS-ULink's Mission

ISS-ULink is dedicated to transforming kindergarten through 12th grade education so all learners, students and teachers alike, can engage in their learning, thrive in their studies, and contribute to the improvement of the world around them as global citizens.

International Schools Services (ISS)

Founded in 1955, International Schools Services (ISS) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A. ISS provides comprehensive educational services for school operation, ranging from school start-up and management, educational supplies, staffing and recruitment, foundation management, professional development and training. For over 60 years, ISS has managed nearly 100 company-sponsored schools and currently work with more than 300 international schools, and has placed over 40,000 teachers in schools. ISS has three regional offices, located in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Caribbean. At the present time, ISS manages 17 schools worldwide.

In Asia, there are 9 ISS schools: Dostyk American International School, Independent School of Riau, International School of Beihai, International School of Dongguan, Nansha College Preparatory Academy, Pasir Ridge Intercultural School, Raffles American School, Shekou International School, and Yangon International School, located in Kazakhstan, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

Guangdong ULink Educational Services, Ltd. (ULink)

ULink Educational Services, Ltd. was established in 2004 in Guangdong, China. Over a decade ago, the ULink Education Group founded the first full-time school, adopting the Cambridge international curriculum. Today, it is the preeminent provider of the Cambridge International program in the country, with affiliated campuses in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Wuhan. Over the years, ULink had successfully prepared graduates that were admitted into world-class universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Cornell, UC Berkeley and others.